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SnailStreet Media

SnailStreet had been featured in retail shops, tradeshows, magazines, online shopping malls, newspapers and TV talk shows. It is currently the No.1 selling Snail Cream in Japan and is available for sale at over 1500 retail outlets all over Japan.


magazine and newspaper retails tradeshows testimonials



Magazine & Newspapers

SnailStreet had been showcased in many magazines and newspapers.

Snailstreet in magazine and newspaper




Featured in Nikkei Trendy


The popular and respected Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy had been predicting popular trends since 1987. The magazine has a good reputation and the predictions tend to be accurate. In December 2010 when it published its top 20 predictions for 2011, various organism based cosmetics (snail, snake, etc) were ranked at number 7. SnailStreet was featured in this edition representing this category of products.


Featured in Nikkei Trendy


Our Snail AC Trouble Mask also appeared with NIKKEI TRENDY
on the Japanese channel Fuji TV

nikkei trendy with snailstreet


Nikkei Trendy was first published by Nikkei BP
November 04, 1987. By June 2008,
Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Nikkei Home
Series was released by the same publisher